Workshop on livelihood and economic activities was conducted for the permanent housing project in Diit, Tacloban City
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"Any person of family that, without any direct fault on his or her part, does not have suitable housing is the victim of injustice."

-Pontifical Commission of Justice and Peace on the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, 1988 as quoted by Philippine Bishops, 2007

"There should be no violence. No one should use violence. There should be no intimidation, no use of arms. We will obey, but we don't want to be forced or subjected to violence. If government evicts it must prepare relocation site. This is what we say, the site is prepared when there are houses, roads, light, water, schools for the children, and travel to work must be easy."
-His Eminence Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales Homily to the Urban Poor October 30, 2007, Baseco, Manila