What we are?

URBAN POOR ASSOCIATES (UPA) is a non-government organization registered with the Philippine government. It was established in 1992. Since then it has educated thousands of families on housing rights matters and assisted communities in eviction crises all over Metro Manila. It has helped over fifty thousand (50,000) families to relocate in-city, or at least remain as they were, or find better relocation than government originally offered.
It has been reponsible for more than a thousand stories that have appeared in the Manila dailies, 150 TV stories and 850 radio interviews.


UPA works with the urban poor communities and its stakeholders to attain land tenure, housing and basic services including jobs, health and education.

Social Vision

A just, humane and democratic society where the urban poor are empowered, are respected and play an active role in decision-making in the city and nation.


Achieved a certain degree of power for the urban poor where they can influence the decision-making process that affects their lives, where they experience a finer quality of life and are guided by a sense of common good.